Email Marketing Mastery Incubator (Fall 2019) by Val Geisler
Enrollment is closed

Email Marketing Mastery Incubator (Fall 2019)

Enrollment is closed

What's included?

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Lesson 1, Specialization and You!
Lesson 1 Video (In-House Marketers)
Lesson 1 Video (Copywriters)
Basic process packet
Advanced process packet
Beacon (easy PDF builder)
ConvertKit (ESP)
I Know My Shit Part 1
I Know My Shit Part 2
I Know My Shit example for marketers
Copywriter welcome sequence tear down
Lesson 2, Strategy
Lesson 2 Video (Everyone)
Jobs To Be Done resources
Lucidchart and Funnelytics Overview
GDPR checklist US businesses AWB Firm.pdf
286 KB
Legal for Copywriters AWB Firm.pdf
202 KB
Downloadable - Contracts.pdf
162 KB
Lesson 3, Segmenting & Personalization
Lesson 3 recording
Val Geisler Welcome Sequence
Cold Subscriber Sequence
Over the shoulder session with in-house marketers
Lesson 4, Data and Techie Stuff
Lesson 4 video
Drip Overview Overview
Klaviyo Overview
amplitude mixpanel
28 mins
Lesson 5, Copywriting For Emails
Lesson 5 Video
Lesson 6, Communication & Expectation Management
Good Partner Engagement Plan_ Acuity Scheduling.pdf
2.36 MB
Pep (project management, recurring tasks)
Client Portal
Client Portal live demo
Postable free $5 code
Additional Resources
How to do an audit
Val's Audit Kickstart Questionnaire
Litmus Scope Part 1
Litmus Scope Part 2
Stop writing proposals
Your services and prospects
How To Use UTM Links
Buffer's UTM Tracker Spreadsheet
29.5 KB
UTMs in Google Analytics
62.8 KB
EMMI Audit Checklist.pdf
55.2 KB
Essential Email Automations.pdf
52.4 KB
Essential Lifecycle Sequences.pdf
53.8 KB
Email Marketing Terminology
More Email Marketing Terms
Top 20 Swipe File
Attachment for Alli Blum's workshop
Good Email Copy
Really Good Emails
UTM link primer
Setting up conversion goals UTM links
Conversion & Churn Audit_ Example.pdf
762 KB
Guest Expert Sessions
Imposter Syndrome with Jay Clouse
GDPR and Can-Spam Laws with Autumn Witt Boyd
Personalization with Brennan Dunn
Getting Buy-In For Qualitative Data w/ Alli Blum
Copywriting for Email with Lianna Patch
Working With a CMO with Justine Jordan
Client Management with Nick Disabato
59 mins
Links from Nick's call