Email Masters Incubator

Become a Confident Email Marketer in High Demand without 18 months of intense, hands-on experience
If you’re only thinking about copy with the emails you’re writing, you’re leaving a lot of potential revenue on the table.

Email copywriters can – and should! – learn advanced email marketing skills that will forever get you out of the pay-per-email rut.

Plus, since I have more leads than I can handle and need some strong partners to turn those leads over to, it would be a win-win for both of us.

Read: I’ll send you my leads.

Got your interest?

Good. Keep reading. 

The Schedule

ODD WEEKS (1,3,5,7,9,11) — Training 
Mondays: Email Marketing Training 

EVEN WEEKS (2,4,6,8,10,12) — Implementation Time, PLUS:
Varying Days: Guest Expert Trainings and AMAs with Val

All session are recorded and available to watch in the Podia training center. 
Jan 7 / WEEK 1: Specializing and You
  • What specialization can do for your business
  • How to say no
  • Identifying an ideal client
  • Creating a process packet when you don’t know what your process is
  • Setting up your own email marketing system (eating your own dog food)
  • Partnering with other specialists and generalists
  • How to strategically be a generalist  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • Building an I-know-my-shit (aka “swipe”) file (and access to mine)
  • What it takes to become “known”

Jan 14 / WEEK 2: Implementation
Guest Expert & AMA
  • Guest expert: Imposter Syndrome with Tiffany Da Silva
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation time

Jan 21 / WEEK 3: Strategy
  • Using Jobs To Be Done interviews to know what strategy to take
  • Crafting a warm welcome sequence
  • Key lifecycle sequences most people forget about
  • How to map out an email framework (using Funnelytics and/or Lucidchart)
  • Framework templates/swipe files
  • Writing and planning for GDPR and Can-Spam Act compliance
  • Welcome sequence & legal compliance swipe files included

Jan 28 / WEEK 4: Implementation
Guest Expert & AMA
  • Guest expert: Keep It Legal with TBD expert 
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation time

Feb 4 / WEEK 5: Segmenting & Personalization
  • The easy way to use tags to build funnels
  • Creating segments and advanced tagging
  • Who goes in segments, why and when?
  • Getting data from an existing list
  • What data to collect from new subscribers
  • How to get it and what to do with it
  • How to get subscribers to segment themselves
  • Progressing profiling 
  • Personalization beyond {{ F*NAME }}
  • Using RightMessage for easy personalization

Feb 11 / WEEK 6:  Implementation
Guest Expert & AMA
  • Guest expert: Personalization with Brennan Dunn 
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation time

Feb 18 / WEEK 7: Data and Techie Stuff
  • Why you don’t need to be a platform expert
  • Guide to major ESPs
  • What you need to know to do your work
  • Where to dig in and learn more
  • Key features and ideal clients for these platforms
  • How to get the data you need from your client’s ESP - without bugging your client!
  • What to do with the data once you have it
  • Using data reporting as an ongoing engagement (read: recurring revenue)

Feb 25 / WEEK 8: Implementation
Guest Expert & AMA
  • Guest expert: Everything is Figureoutable 
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation time

Mar 4 / WEEK 9: Copywriting for emails
  • How to engage an email list and warm them up for future sales
  • Bringing in (or defining!) your customer’s voice
  • Writing emails that feel personal
  • Where newsletters fit into this whole email thing
  • How to speed up your writing process

Mar 11 / WEEK 10: Implementation
Live Event & AMA
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation time

BONUS (see below)
  • Private event either before or after (optional but highly recommended) TCC IRL (Date and time TBD)

Mar 18 / WEEK 11: Vetting Clients & Expectation Management 
  • Finding clients when you’re new to email and have no proven work
  • Dealing with unsure clients
  • How to present your work to your clients
  • How to price your packages
  • Creating opportunities for ongoing retainers
  • Setting (and reinforcing) boundaries
  • Project scheduling and scope creep

Mar 25 / WEEK 12: Implementation
Guest Expert & AMA
  • Guest expert: Managing clients with Nick Disabato
  • AMA with Val
  • Implementation

Bonus Live Event

Date/Time TBD
Approx March 13-15, 2019
@ TCC IRL – Brooklyn, NY

Lots of smart copywriters are already planning to attend The Copywriter Club’s live event, TCC IRL. While your ticket to the TCC event isn’t included (nor is your travel to/from NYC), you’re automatically included in a live event that will take place either before or after TCC IRL (still ironing out logistics and maybe we’ll do that together!) 

It will be more than a coffee but less than a full day and 100% worth it. 

How It Works

Every other Monday at 1pm EST I’ll go live in Crowdcast walking you through the content for the week. This will be recorded and immediately available inside Podia along with access to swipe copy, frameworks, and any other templates I throw at ya.

I’d set aside 1-2 hours a week to go through the materials and do your assignment. Yes, there’s homework. You’ll submit it to a small group of fellow incubatees for peer review (I’m part of every group, btw.)

On the alternate weeks (between new lessons being posted) you’ll have implementation time along with a lesson from a guest expert and AMAs with me. The day of the week and time for these will vary (I like to keep you on your toes).

Guest expert sessions will be recorded and thrown into Podia for digital consumption.

AMA (Ask Me Anything) time is with me. It’s so you can get questions answered from the lessons, from putting it into action, or from your deep thoughts you jotted down in the middle of the night. I’ll post up in our Slack community so there’s written record of everything and you can always chime in on other people’s questions if you want!
Between lessons and sessions, come hang in our private Slack community for asking any and all questions related to email marketing. 

The Group

We’re talking about 30 people. Plus me. So 31. This is gonna be a small group so you get lots of my time and attention.

The Investment

This incubator is about doing the work. Come prepared for an equal split of training and implementation. And you’ll get the best results if you work on an email marketing project *during* the 3 months together.

You have two options: 


On the basic plan you bring your own client projects to the incubator and get my feedback and support during AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions.

  • Bi-weekly email marketing training sessions 
  • content delivered live & recorded for digital access in Podia
  • Bi-weekly AMAs with Val and guest experts 
  • Rotating schedule, always recorded and saved to Podia for easy access
  • Swipe files, templates, and frameworks
  • Live event in March (either before or after TCC IRL)

**Bonus** if booked by 12/1/18: One 45 minute 1:1 session with Val to be redeemed any time before April 1, 2019

Basic: $3000 USD — either pay in full or pay-per-month – Grab it here


Don’t want to find your own clients? No problem! I’ll bring the project to you AND we’ll work on it together. They’ll be your clients and you get to put your name on the end result. You’ll also get to be a fly on my wall… the true inside track. Read on...

  • Everything in Basic, plus…
  • An email marketing project will be given to you to work on with my direct support, reviews, and feedback
  • Access to recordings of my own sales calls, presentation calls, and other client interactions I do on a weekly basis
  • CRM setup with me to help you track your leads and workload

**Bonus** if booked by 12/1/18: One 45 minute 1:1 session with Val to be redeemed any time before April 1, 2019

VIP: $5000 USD — either pay in full or pay-per-month – Grab it here
There are only 10 VIP spots and 20 Basic spots. 30 total, that’s it. If you want in, grab your spot. But do read the T&C first.
  Because of the limited number of seats in this program, full refunds will not be granted.   I’m serious about this: I’d much rather help you figure out if the Incubator is a good fit before you give me any money!   So if you’re on the fence, please book a time to talk with me real quick. You won’t get a hard sell from me. In fact, if you’ve read my onboarding tear downs you know I give it to you straight. I’ll tell you if this makes sense for you.