The Dinner Party Strategy by Val Geisler

The Dinner Party Strategy

email marketing done right

One time I gave an attendee talk at MicroConf...

These kinds of talks are 12 minutes long and they're from, well, attendees. We weren't speakers but we spoke.

It was so much fun to talk about my favorite things:

💌 email
📉 churn reduction
🍽️ dinner

Yes. Dinner.

See, the mini-talk was called The Dinner Party Strategy. It was pulled out of a 45 minute workshop I gave just a few weeks prior and a webinar I shared before that, I gotta say, I love getting this message out there in any format. (HMU if you want me to share this talk with your peeps.)

In those presentations I taught a framework that really helps people think through onboarding new customers through email. It's something I talk about a lot but haven't really ever shared with you.

But that changes today.

I turned that full length workshop presentation into a downloadable PDF available here.

In these pages is that email framework I shared at MicroConf. I call it The Dinner Party Strategy because I love analogies and food.

I hope you'll come to this dinner party with me.

Thanks for being here,


What's included?

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