Your Signature Experience by Val Geisler
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Your Signature Experience

Design the experience of your brand that tells your customers how much they matter.
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Take a look at the last interaction you had with another business that totally wow’d you.

They stand out in your mind, right? If you’ve shopped with Zappos lately, their quick two day shipping (sometimes upgraded to overnight!) and prompt service have you singing their praises. Or maybe you woke up in the Malibu Beach Inn and saw the LA Times AND your hometown newspaper outside your door. It’s the little touches that make all the difference in a digital age.

The old way no longer works.
From 1900-1960 we were in the Age of Manufacturing. If you owned the factory, you owned the market. Think Ford. In 1960, we moved into the Age of Distribution. If you could make it fast and cheap, you won the audience. This is where Walmart took off and grabbed the marketplace.

For 30 years we remained focused on fast and cheap, until 1990 when we entered the Age of Information. Now, armed with more choices than ever before, Amazon and Google started putting the power back into the hands of the buyers by giving them choice, accessibility, and service.

Today we are in the Age of the Customer.
Your customers and clients can know just as much about your products and services as you do. We can Google anything, leave reviews, and our expectations have grown higher and higher knowing the infinite choices we have in where and how we spend our money.

Your signature experience matters now more than ever before.

And we’re here to help you stand out.

What's included?

Video Icon 17 videos Text Icon 2 text files


Module 1: Your Most Valuable Client
Module 1 Part 1: Learning About Your MVC
11 mins
Part 2, Video 1: The How & Why of Client Research
12 mins
Part 2, Video 2: Live Research
39 mins
Module 2: Prepping For Your Dinner Party
Module 2: Part 1: Introducing the Dinner Party Strategy
12 mins
Module 2: Part 2: Your Signature Opt-In
15 mins
Module 2: Part 3: Your Signature Consults
17 mins
Module 2: Part 4: Your Signature Proposals
23 mins
Module 3: Host Your Dinner Party
Module 3: Part 1: Put Your Signature on Your Working Process
15 mins
Module 3: Part 2: Intake and Setting Expectations
22 mins
Module 3: Part 3: Techie Needs For A Seamless Customer Experience
9 mins
Part 3, Video 2: Your Signature Payment Experience
17 mins
Part 3, Video 3: Scheduling With Ease with Acuity
16 mins
Part 3, Video 4: Keeping Track of Project Workflow in Asana
28 mins
Module 4: Wrap It Up With A Bow
Module 4: Part 1: Your Signature Handoff
10 mins
Module 4: Part 2: Gathering Testimonials
10 mins
Module 4: Part 3: Inviting Referrals
12 mins
Module 4: Part 3: Click to Tweet
4 mins
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